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Fuss-Free tips for preserving your natural holiday hairstyle

Fuss-Free tips for preserving your natural holiday hairstyle

Oooowe! You’ve just secured a bomb festive holiday hairstyle  (link) and you want to ring in the new year with it! But ahh! The New Year is a couple of days away and your hair is done, now! Keep reading for our favorite tips and tricks for preserving your natural hairstyle for days on end. 🤗



One of the most important steps in making your hairstyle last is how you sleep! 😴 Rolling around in cotton pillowcases, blankets and sheets can make your hair super dry and ruin your perfectly laidt edges, slick back buns, and bomb twist outs. Don’t fall victim to bedhead, and establish a nighttime routine that’ll save you time, and energy in the morning.

Head wraps
Head wraps are great at preserving your hairstyles and keep slicked back styles smooth and in place as you get your precious beauty sleep. When choosing a head wrap, be sure to avoid materials made out of cotton as cotton is an absorbent material and may soak up any moisture or products you have added to your strands. This dryness overtime can lead to breakage 😩 and may potentially alter your hairstyle.


Instead, opt for head wraps that are made out of satin or silk to keep the hair moisturized and protected. The Melanin Haircare Textured Stretch Satin Head Wraps are great as they are lightweight and ribbed; you won’t have to worry about it slipping off at night!🙌🏾

There are many different ways to tie heads wraps, and the way you tie yours is completely up to you and the style you are hoping to have protected.

No matter which method you choose, be sure your head wrap is snug and not tight so that you may enjoy your slumber without any pain.


Bonnets are another simple, yet effective way to preserve your holiday hairstyles while you sleep and are quick and easy for when you’re ready to hop into bed. Bonnets can be worn over hair accessories and even long braids! 🤯


♬ Don't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha) - Solange

When wearing a bonnet, ensure that the perimeter is over your hairline to avoid any unwanted tugging, pulling, pain or breakage while you sleep.

Pineapple Method
If you’re hoping to ‘ring in the new year with a wash n go, twist out, braid out, or bantu knot out, the Pineapple method is a great way to preserve your style!

Things you’ll need:
- Loose satin scrunchies
- Head Wrap

When pineappling your hair, you want to ensure your hair doesn’t shrink up at the roots or flatten out at the ends. Here’s where the scrunchies come in! Finding the sweet spot for how many scrunchies you use is a personal choice and may take a little trial and error. Too many sections may disrupt and create a new pattern, and too little sections may not have enough pull and may leave your hair in a shrunken state.

To pineapple, simply grab a section of hair and tie with a loose scrunchie. Repeat this process for each section of hair you create. Your coils and curls should hang freely. Then simply  cover hair with a satin head wrap or bonnet and rest peacefully. 😌

For those with looser textures or shorter hair, simply tying your hair up on your head will do! No scrunchies needed.

Flexi rods
For those with straightened looks this holiday season, flexi rods are a great way to add a little bounce to your strands, and allow you to stretch your blowouts and silk presses. 💆🏾‍♀️

Flexi rods can be added to your hair with or without product and are easy to complete. The size and number of your flexi rods are important! For looser curls, larger flexi rods work best, for tighter coils, opt for smaller ones!

Flexi rods can be added to your hair in multiple different ways, and the method you choose is completely up to you. Before you begin, ensure that your hair is carefully detangled. Detangled hair allows for a smooth curl.

From the ends
Step 1: Grab the ends of your hair and wrap your hair around the flexi rod 2-3 times. This serves as an anchor point and keeps the flexi rods from slipping.
Step 2: Continue to wrap your hair up and around the flexi rod until you reach your scalp.
Step 3: Turn the ends of the flexi rod up upon themselves and you're done! 

@mariahcamillee Hair refreshed, now lets add some volume using JUMBO flexi rods 💙 #flexirods ♬ original sound - Evan The DJ


From the root
Step 1:  Place the flexi rod at the base of your scalp
Step 2: Wrap your hair up and around the flexi rod until you reach the ends of your hair
Step 3: Turn the ends of the flexi rod up upon themselves and you’re done!
Optional: adding a satin scrunchie may help with securing the ends of your hair to the flexi rod. #naturalhairtiktok #flexirods #naturalhairstyles ♬ Girls Dem Sugar (Remix) - Beenie Man & MYA

Once you have completed wrapped your hair in flexi rods, tie your hair with a head wrap or bonnet for stress-free slumber.

Whether you’ve rocked a bonnet or satin head wrap to sleep, the take down method is crucial to ensuring your hairstyle stays in place! Before getting ready to style your hair, make sure your clothes (and make up if you’re wearing it) are done. Your hair should be the last step!

Clothes.  > Makeup > Hair. We don’t make the rules 🤣


Keeping your bonnet or head wrap on while getting dressed helps avoid any frizzing that may occur while putting articles of clothing over your head.

Head Wrap Removal
If you’re rocking a slick back style, simply remove your head wrap to reveal perfect laidt edges. Feel free to touch up with additional products to ensure your ideal level of slickness.

Pineapple Shake n’ Go
For any hairstyles preserved with the pineapple method, carefully remove any scrunchies you have added. Next, take your fingers and fluff out your hair without disturbing the curl pattern. Shaking your hair allows your strands to lay where you like them!

@katthebroker I just love my curls ❤️ Special thank you to my sistas on youtube who introduced me to the pineapple method! It has truly been a lifechanger! #naturalhair #curlyhair #curvytiktok #curlyhairroutine #curlyhairtutorial #blackgirlmagic #pineapplemethod #blackgirltiktok #blacknaturalhair #curlyhairstyles #curlyhairdontcare ♬ I like - Sturdy
Flexi Rod Take Down
Taking down flexi rods is simple and doesn’t require that much time! Simply open up the ends of the flexi rod and unravel your hair in the opposite way you have twisted them. Fluff and separate to your liking to reveal your precious curls and coils.
@slayedbysym_ Easy Heatless Curls😍😍 #flexirods #naturalhair #blowout #lengthcheck #hair #hairtutorial #hairstyling #blackgirl #blackgirltiktok ♬ spread thin - kay🫣

Enjoy rocking those hairstyles, MelaninBae and Happy New Year!

Preserve your hairstyles all season long with the Melanin Haircare Textured Stretch Satin Head Wraps. These high-quality, lightweight, soft ribbed satin fabric have enough hold to stay put on your head without slipping off, and helps to lock all that precious moisture into your hair, while protecting from pulling and breakage! With a variety of colors and prints to choose from, you’ll be sure to sleep… in beauty! Grab yours today at Melanin Haircare!

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