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Help! What’s My NATURAL HAIR POROSITY!? Low Porosity, Medium Porosity or High Porosity

Help! What’s My NATURAL HAIR POROSITY!? Low Porosity, Medium Porosity or High Porosity

Help! What’s My 💦Hair Porosity!?💦

We know that natural hair lingo can be confusing, but we got you covered! Once you learn the properties of your hair, you’ll be well on your way to finding products that help your hair thrive. Leggo! 😜💯

In a nutshell, Hair Porosity is the ability of the hair shaft to absorb and retain liquids, aka: the moisture crucial for maintaining the health of your strands. Learning more about how efficient your hair is at absorbing moisture will help you to create a wash day routine that works with your personal hair porosity, not against it, and will help you to apply your products in the order that works best for you! 🤗

How To Test: Simple as 1...2... 3!

To test the porosity of your hair, you’ll just need a clear glass of water, and a few strands of clean hair that are completely free of any product.

Step 1: Take one strand of your product-free, cleansed hair and drop it into the glass of water.

Step 2: Observe what your hair does in the glass of water. 👀

  • If the hair strand floats and stays on top of the water, that means that you have Low-Porosity Hair. 
  • If the hair strand settles near the middle of the glass and then begins to sink slowly, that means that you have Medium-Porosity Hair.
  • If the hair strand sinks quickly to the bottom of the glass, that means that you have High-Porosity Hair.

Step 3: Now that you know your Hair Porosity, read on to learn how to best care for your porosity type! 🎉

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Low-Porosity Hair

If your hair is Low Porosity, that means that your tresses generally have a hard time absorbing moisture, but once it's absorbed it tends to be  retained well. Your hair cuticles are most-likely very close together, which is a great indication of resilient hair, but because they are so close, it makes it difficult for water and other products to initially enter. If you have low porosity hair, you'll notice that:

  • When washing, your hair takes a while to become fully saturated with water.
  • Your hair products tend to sit on top of your hair, not absorbing into the strands.
  • Your hair doesn't let go of water easily, taking a long time to dry.

If you have low porosity hair, regular deep conditioning with lightweight products, like The Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner, while using low heat or steam to help open your hair's cuticle layer, will aid in getting moisture into your strands. Those with Low Porosity hair should also use heavy butters and creams sparingly - or in conjunction with heat or steam, as the larger molecules have a harder time penetrating the cuticle layer.

Medium Porosity Hair

If your hair is Medium Porosity, that means that your tresses generally have the ability to absorb and retain moisture at an average rate.  Your hair cuticles most-likely have just the right amount of space, so that water is both easily absorbed and normally retained. Those with Medium Porosity hair don't need to utilize any special techniques or tools in order to help hair products absorb into and moisturize the hair. If you have Medium Porosity hair, you'll notice that:

  • When washing, your hair becomes fully saturated with water easily.
  • Your hair products absorb well into the hair, not sitting on top.
  • Your hair takes an average rate to dry - not too long, not too quickly.

High Porosity Hair

If your hair is High Porosity, that means that your tresses generally have the ability to absorb moisture very easily. However, when the moisture is absorbed High-Porosity Hair has a hard time retaining that moisture. Your hair cuticles tend to be wide-open naturally, or can become wide-open due to chemical treatments, poor maintenance and/or wear and tear over time. Hair products that are pH balanced and help to close the hair's cuticle, products that repair broken bonds, and products that help to seal the moisture into the hair cuticle, such as lightweight oils and butters like The Melanin Haircare Twist-Elongating Style Cream, are typically very useful to those with High Porosity Hair. If you have High Porosity hair, you'll notice that:

  • When washing, your hair takes becomes fully saturated with water very quickly.
  • Your hair products absorb very quickly into the hair, seemingly "drinking up" the product and wanting more.
  • Your hair lets go of water very quickly, causing the hair to all become dry very quickly.
  • Your hair tangles often and appears frizzy.

Your hair's porosity begins as a genetic determination, and can change overtime due to daily wear and tear and styling choices. Low Porosity hair can become Medium to High Porosity, while Medium Porosity hair can become High Porosity. Damage that occurs to your hair cuticle, due to misuse of heat and chemical products, hair tools, or an unfortunate medical condition, can change your genetic porosity predisposition.

Your Hair's Cuticle Layers

Learning your hair porosity is one of the many characteristics that you can use to define your strands and learn which products and techniques work best for you! If you want to know which hairstyles will suit your curls, coils, waves, and kinks best, you'll want to know which Curl Pattern you are - just another important hair property you'll want to learn in order to finally master your natural hair!Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend

 Whether you're looking to SOFTEN, NOURISH, or SEAL the moisture into your Low, Medium, or High Porosity Hair, The Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend has got you covered! Our Award-Winning, NON-OILY, lightweight and absorbing oil blend contains Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Sage, Avocado and Geranium to help you achieve your hair goals no matter your porosity! Grab YOURS TODAY at

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