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Hey MelaninBae!👋🏾

Gearing up for back to school and looking to stretch your hair? Look no further! 

Shrinkage  is a normal characteristic of natural hair! It shows us that our hair is healthy and moisturized. But, let’s be real sometimes it can be a bit frustrating to not see the true length of your hair. 😩💯 Thankfully, natural hair is as versatile as it is beautiful. Keep reading below for FIVE ways to stretch your tresses overnight!

1. Low Bun Twists/Braids
Placing your hair in a low bun is a great and easy way to stretch your coils! On freshly washed and detangled hair, part down the middle and divide each side into four equal parts. Next, you’ll want to twist or braid each section. Once completed, grab all sections and place them in a low bun. What’s great about this stretching method is that it doubles as a protective style while it dries! Feel free to keep the bun in as long as you want and unravel once you’re ready. When your hair is fully dry, you’ll have beautiful stretched hair. 🤗  

2. Blow Drying
If you’re comfortable with a little heat, blow drying is another way to stretch your hair! To safely stretch your hair, make sure your blow dryer is set to low/cool heat. Next, take a medium-sized section of your hair and apply tension. Starting at your roots, bring your dyer to your scalp and slowly work through the length of your hair. Repeat these steps until you have your desired amount of stretch!

Watch Naptural85 blowout her hair on LOW heat!

3. Banding 
If you’re looking for a blowout look without heat, then this method is for you! Simply part your detangled hair in even sections and secure each section with a hair tie or rubber band. Next, take one section, apply tension and add hair ties/rubber bands evenly throughout the length of your hair. Repeat this process until each section is covered with hair ties/rubber bands. When you wake in the morning, carefully remove your hair ties/rubber bands and comb out for a heatless blowout look. 

Note: Rubber bands may cause breakage. If you decide to use rubber bands for this method, we recommend following up with the Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend for maximum slippage when removing.

4. Threading
Similar to banding and originating in Africa, threading your hair is another simple, yet effective way to stretch your hair for a heatless blowout look!🙌🏾 For this method, part a section of your hair and wrap thread at the base of your hair about 5 times. This allows the thread to have an anchoring point. Once you have securely wrapped thread at the base of the part, wrap the thread around the length of your hair from root to tip. When you unravel the thread in the morning, shrinkage will be a thing of the past! 

5. Bantu knots
Who doesn’t love bantu knots?! The regal hairstyle can be sported during the day for a chic and trendy look and be worn overnight to beautifully stretch your hair. Creating bantu knots is simple, and can be done on damp or dry hair! Part your hair in sections and place your hair in two-strand twists. Once completed, wrap your hair around itself at the root and tuck the tips in. For those with a blunt cut, securing your ends with a bobby pin will help keep the knots in place. When you’re ready to rock your stretched hairstyle, unravel your hair and style as desired. 

For a less defined look, detangle your hair and wrap your hair without a two-strand twist

If you’re looking to LOCK in moisture on your freshly stretched hair, the Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Leave In Conditioner will have your hair feeling smoother than ever!

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