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Moisture Overload: When Your Natural Hair Has Too Much Moisture And How To Fix It

Moisture Overload: When Your Natural Hair Has Too Much Moisture And How To Fix It

Psst. We want to let you in on a little secret. Over-moisturizing your hair is a thing, and it has a name – Hygral Fatigue. 🤯

Woman washing hair in shower

What is Hygral Fatigue?🤔

Hygral Fatigue is described as the repeated swelling and contraction of hair–which occurs when a hair cuticle swells as it absorbs water and later contracts as it dries. This repeated swelling can cause breakage.😭  Those with high porosity hair are more likely to suffer from Hygral Fatigue because the cuticles in the hair shaft are further apart, and tend to let water in and out fairly quickly.

How To Know If Your Hair is Suffering From Hygral Fatigue 🤒

When your hair is experiencing Hygral Fatigue, there are a few characteristics that come with it. These include:

  • Hair feeling gummy when wet
  • Unable to hold a curl (when previously able to)
  • Constant breakage
  • Difference in curl pattern
  • Frizziness (when frizz was not a problem previously)
  • Lack of elasticity (hair has no “bounce back” when pulled)
  • Dryness (when previously not an issue)

@natiakenyatta shares her experience with Hygral Fatigue and also how she restored her hair back:

@natiakenyatta It’s proper name is Hygral Fatigue! #fyp #naturalhair #type4naturalhair #blacktiktokcommunity #naturalhairtiktok #damagedhaircheck ♬ original sound - Beyoncé’s Niece

Damage caused by Hygral Fatigue can be reversed if the hair shaft has not been stretched past 30% of its original size. If you suspect you have Hygral Fatigue consider changing and limiting your use of blow dryers, hair straighteners, and chemical hair dyes which may lead to damaged, porous strands.

How to Avoid Hygral Fatigue🙅🏾‍♀️

All of this may sound scary, but don’t fret - there are ways to prevent it! 

  • Air dry🌬: Frequent use of heating tools to dry the hair quickly and may cause damage to the hair shaft–making your hair more porous and susceptible to hygral fatigue.
  • Avoid Overnight Deep Conditioning🧴: Opt to deep condition your hair once per week at most, and for between 30-45 minutes. Deep conditioning the hair overnight causes too much absorption which leads to swelling and Hygral Fatigue.
  • Use products with a low pH⬇️: Products that have a high pH (7-14) lift hair cuticles, making strands more porous and susceptible to damage. Opt for conditioners and creams that have a pH under 7.
  • Wear a swim cap🏊🏾‍♀️: If you’re a competitive swimmer or find yourself at the beach often, consider wearing a swim cap to reduce the constant swelling of your hair strands, and exposure to hair cuticle-damaging chlorine chemicals.
  • Protein-Moisture Balance: Incorporate treatments that contain hair-fortifying proteins and amino acids to help keep the hair strong and balance out any necessary moisture absorption. The Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner contains the perfect mix of moisturizers, vegetable proteins, and amino acids to allow for the ideal moisture/protein balance your hair strands need to remain healthy.
Woman washing hair

Overall, hair is less likely to become damaged due to Hygral Fatigue if hair is healthy from the start! Healthy hair starts from within so staying hydrated💦 and having well-balanced meals 🥑🍌 will also aid in establishing healthy hair strands from root to tip! ✨The Award-Winning Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Leave In Conditioner

Moisturize, Strengthen, Detangle and Lock the moisture into your natural hair with The Award-Winning Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Leave In Conditioner!

With ProVitamin B5, Bamboo, Wheat Amino Acids and Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins to strengthen and fortify and Turnip Root Extract, Rosemary, Hops, Aloe Vera, and Baobab Seed Oils to instantly hydrate, soften, condition, promote the elasticity and flexibility of the hair. Grab yours today at!

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