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Ideas To Spice Up Your Natural Hair Twist Out This Holiday!

Ideas To Spice Up Your Natural Hair Twist Out This Holiday!

Looking to add a little✨ razzle dazzle✨ to your natural hair twist out this holiday season!? Look no further!

Perfect Holiday Twist Out! Your Step By Step Twist Out Routine
As a tried and true natural hairstyle staple, the twist out is a must this holiday season! 🎁  It’s quick, easy, and can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. 

Start On Clean Natural Hair
Your twist out will need a good base! A good base is important in having a well-defined, hydrated style. Be sure to start on freshly washed hair that is free of product. A clarifying shampoo like the Melanin Haircare African Black Soap Reviving Shampoo nourishes and cleans the hair and scalp with provitamin B5, black cumin seed oil, rosemary leaf oil, and tea tree leaf oil! 🙌🏾

The key to a stress-free twist out is detangled hair, so be sure to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner that provides a lot of slip! The Award-Winning Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner is designed to soften, smooth, and instantly detangle with bamboo, turnip root, and hops extract! When detangling, start at the ends of your hair strands and work your way up to the roots! This helps reduce any unnecessary breakage that could occur and makes for an easier experience overall.

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You'll want a rich, smoothing and nourishing styling cream that will boost hydration, support increased definition, and add shine! The Award-Winning Melanin Haircare Twist-Elongating Style Cream is designed to moisturize and soften your strands, supporting long-term definition, while providing intense hydration.

Now twist your hair in small sections at a time, utilizing either the flat twist method or a standard 2-strand twist method. If you’re looking to achieve a light and fluffy look, opt for less twists - for more definition, add more!

Jazz it up!
If you're loving the look of your twists and aren't ready to unravel your hair just yet, adding hair jewelry can really bring your look to the next level! Add clips, loc cuffs, and other hair jewelry for some festive fun! 

@celestialjojo Part 2 - Jazzing up your mini twists! Pro tip: if you get bored with your mini twists, add accessories! I think it’s kinda giving earthy black girl 👀👩🏾‍🦱 #naturalhair #minitwists #minitwisthairstyles #minitwiststyles #braidaccessories #clawclipnaturalhair #type4hairstyles ♬ i know you - ✩


@_kmakai_ Added some jewelry to my twists so I’d be less tempted to take them out sooner😂💚 what y’all think? #kmakai #alocalyptic #locs #locstylesforwomen #fyp ♬ Coffin - Lil Yachty

Once you're ready to rock your twist out, carefully unravel your hair one twist at a time. When unraveling, start at the ends of the hair versus the root. This will ensure the pattern of the twists stay intact, helping you to achieve maximum definition.


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✨Pro tip✨: To eliminate frizz while unraveling your twists, add a nourishing oil to your fingertips! The Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend is non-greasy, lightweight, and is designed to soften, nourish, and seal!

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Build a better base by prepping your strands with an oil and styling cream to really make those twists POP! The nourishing Melanin Haircare Signature Duo comes complete with the Award-Winning Twist-Elongating Style Cream and Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend, providing intense hydration while leaving your hair light and bouncy – perfect for twist outs!

Did someone say color!?
If you're looking to add a little razzle dazzle to your twist out, add a pop of color! Using hair wax is a quick and easy way to add color to your hair without having to permanently dye your strands. Before twisting, take a hair wax color of your choosing and rub it into the palms of your hands. Next, you'll want to rake the product into your hair, starting and the ends and working your way up to the roots. Then simply twist as usual and unravel for a new look! 

Note: Color from hair wax may spread, so be sure to wear dark colored clothing for mess-free fun!

Twist outs are versatile, allowing you to switch it up every day of the week! Play around with middle and side parts for a new, refreshed lewk! When switching your parting, be sure to follow the natural seperation of your kinks, coils, curls and waves to maintain definition. Other options for styling include space buns, updos, and half up/half down styles.

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Make It Last!
Preserve your hairstyle for days on end by protecting your hairstyle with a satin head scarf and/or bonnet when you get your precious beauty sleep. 😴  Utilizing the pineapple method in conjunction with a head scarf and bonnet is a great way to preserve your hair at night. To pineapple your hair, simply gather your strands to the top of your head and cover!
@kampaigeee Here’s how I preserve my twist out overnight… and it lasts all week! I hope this helps🤍 #naturalhair #twistout #hairstylist #healthyhair #pineapplemethod #hairjourney #twiststutorial #twistoutonnaturalhair ♬ original sound - Ldr🍒
The Melanin Haircare Textured Satin Head Wraps are full coverage with 72 inches of beautifully textured, stretch satin fabric, protecting 'fros of all sizes!🤗
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We hope you enjoy these ideas and rocking your twist out all season long!

Sleigh this holiday season with The Melanin Haircare Signature Duo! Whether you’re adding a little razzle dazzle to your twist out or simply looking to refresh your look, the intense hydration this duo provides will leave you with juicy, defined strands. Grab yours TODAY at Melanin Haircare.


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