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“Good Hair” is healthy hair, and healthy hair starts at the root! Looking for ways to grow and strengthen your edges?! Keep reading below!

 1. Avoid tight styles
The easiest way to protect your edges is to avoid tight styles! The tight tension on the roots of your hair can lead to traction alopecia, the thinning of your hair due to constant pulling. Hairstyles that may contribute to traction alopecia include:

  • Tight ponytails and buns
  • Tight high/low puffs
  • Tight box braids
  • Tight cornrows
  • Tight extensions 
  • Tight wigs, with or without wig glue

Note: The hairstyles mentioned above can be worn safely if they are installed gently and are not causing stress and discomfort to your hair roots.

Thankfully, if caught early enough, traction alopecia can be reversed!🙌🏾 If you notice bumps, soreness, itching, redness, or broken hair near your hairline, undo your hairstyle and opt for a looser one!

2. Avoid over-styling
In addition to tight styling, over-styling itself, can also lead to thinning edges. The constant brushing or combing of your hair can cause the strands to break, even if the style itself is loose. So be sure to give your tresses a break between styling with low-maintenance looks like halo twists, two strand twists, and loose, low buns that haven’t been slicked back! Don’t be afraid to rock your natural edges and allow your hair to breathe… your strands and roots will thank you for it! 💯

If you need some protective styling inspiration, watch below for some fun ways to style head wraps to decorate your loose buns and twists!

3. Sleep with a satin head wrap and pillowcase
At night, we do a lot of twisting and turning, leaving our hair and edges unprotected against the friction of cotton pillowcases and bed sheets. This friction can lead to pulling, tangling, and even breakage. 😨 So, before you head to bed, protect your hair by sleeping with a smooth satin head wrap. Not only does this protect your edges from friction, but it also preserves your hairstyle for easy styling in the morning!

Note: Be sure that you don’t tie your head wrap too tight as constant pressure at the nape, or around your hairline, may also lead to breakage.

4. Remove excess product
After sculpting perfectly laid edges, it’s important that you remember to clarify your hair and scalp! Product buildup - the accumulation of product on the hair stands, roots, and scalp, will dry your hair out, preventing it from being able to absorb moisture. Over time, this dryness can deplete the hair’s elasticity causing it to become rigid and break off. It may also leave hair looking limp and dull. If you notice your hair is not responding to your normal hair care routine, it’s probably a good time to clarify! A clarifying shampoo will remove excess product buildup, leaving your scalp, hair and edges clean, strong, and unblocked so that they’re able to absorb all the moisture they need! 💦

5. Incorporate daily scalp massages
If you begin to notice that your edges are thinning out, daily scalp massages may help bring them back to life! A 2016 study found that those who had daily scalp massages for 4 minutes over 24 weeks saw increased hair thickness! 🥳 In addition, scalp massages also help to reduce stress, which can cause inflammation to the scalp. Scalp inflammation may lead to hair loss and reduced hair growth, so reducing your stress will greatly benefit your hair health! To massage your scalp, simply use the pads of your fingers and gently press into the skin on your head in small circular motions. For an added boost, incorporate your favorite nourishing oil blend!

6. Seek a dermatologist
Unfortunately, not all hair loss has a simple solution. There are so many different internal changes that can occur, from hormonal shedding to sensitivities, and even gland abnormalities. If you suspect your hair loss may be due to a new or worsening medical condition, please speak to a medical provider as soon as you can. The quicker you identify what the issue is, the more chances you’ll have to save your hair and your good health. 

Interested in a chic, affordable protective style solution? The Melanin Haircare Textured Satin Head Wraps are lightweight with soft ribbed satin fabric and have enough hold to stay put on your head without slipping off! The smooth, sleek satin helps to lock in moisture while protecting your hair strands from pulling and breakage! Grab yours TODAY at Melanin Haircare!

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