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Ditch your bath towels! T-shirt drying is in! 😜💯

Say what?!

After you’ve carefully detangled, cleansed,💦  and conditioned your hair,🧴 the last thing you need is more knots! Drying with regular towels may lead to tangles, frizz, and even breakage.😩 Drying with a T-shirt can help keep your hair safe and knot-free!

Benefits to T-shirt Drying
When you step out of the shower and grab a cotton t-shirt instead of a regular bath towel to dry your hair, you make the most out of your wash day routine! 🧖🏾‍♀️🚿 After washing, hair strands are fully saturated and are more susceptible to breakage due in part to the chemical structure of hair.  

When hair is dry, proteins in the hair shaft form strong protein to protein bonds; when wet, these bonds form weaker hydrogen bonds. These weaker hydrogen bonds are more easily broken with friction. The grooves and ruffles in regular bath towels can not only cause friction, but can easily get caught on the curls and coils of natural hair. When you opt for a cotton t-shirt that is free of deep grooves and ruffles, you eliminate friction and not only protect the hydrogen bonds in your tresses, but keep your curl pattern intact–eliminating frizz and reducing breakage and knots in the process! 🙌🏾

How to T-shirt Dry
T-shirt drying is easy and will take your wash day to the next level! All you need is an old, clean tee!

Step One
Before stepping out of the shower, squeeze any excess water from your strands.

Step Two
Next, take your t-shirt upside down and enter your head and hair through the neckline. The tips of your hair should be at the bottom opening of your t-shirt.

Step Three
Squeeze excess water onto the t-shirt and wrap the remaining fabric at the nape of your neck.

Step Four
Unravel after 15-20 mins (or until your desired dryness) to reveal beautiful knot-free, frizz-free hair!

If you’re looking to T-shirt dry your hair, but don’t have a tee on hand, the Melanin Haircare LUX T-shirt Towel is made of soft, stretchy, and smooth t-shirt material that’s thick and super absorbing! It features chic double-sided dalmatian print and enough fabric to secure your towel into a turban or wrap for longer, hands-free wear! Grab yours TODAY exclusively on the Melanin Haircare site!

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