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Baby! It's getting colder outside, and so we’re rounding up some of our favorite protective styles for Fall! 🍁 Need some ideas? Keep reading below!

Box Braids Hairstyles

Box braids are a classic protective style that can keep your tresses healthy this Fall! From short bobs to long "Poetic Justice" styles, box braids are as beautiful as they are protective! You can personalize them by adding accessories such as beads, charms, and/or metallic, colored string! What’s great about box braids is that once installed, you're free to go throughout the week without having to do much maintenance or touch ups in-between, and they offer endless styling options! Since your scalp is exposed in this protective style, you'll want to be sure you're caring for it by keeping it hydrated and nourished. The Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend is great for this as it's gentle, nourishing, soothing and penetrates deep into the skin and hair, to remain non-oily and moisturized. ✨💦

Video: Watch Naptural85 install and style her box braids!

Twisted Hairstyles

Similar to box braids, twisted hairstyles come in an array of different looks, sizes, and styles, and are a stylish and easy way to protect your hair this season! From smaller Mini Twist Styles, to Twisted Styles with added hair like Passion Twists and Kinky Twists, there's a style for every vibe! 🙌🏾

Video: Check out this video by Naptural85 to see how to install passion spring twists without crochet or rubber bands!

Head Wrap Hairstyles

When you're in a pinch, or if your hair just isn't cooperating, a quick and easy solution, that's also protective, is gentle head wrap styling! Beyond being stylish, head wraps are a great way to protect your hair from the outside elements that can lead to dry hair, frizzing, and breakage, such as wind, frigid temperatures, and the sun! Head wraps come in so many different colors, patterns and fabrics, there's an option for every aesthetic and occasion. For optimum results and protection, reach for head wraps that are soft, and preferably have a sleek, satiny material, like The Melanin Haircare Stretch Satin Head Wraps and Textured Stretch Satin Head Wraps, to ensure your hair remains moisturized and protected throughout.


Video: Watch Naptural85 show all the ways you can style a head wrap! 

Halo Twist aka Twisted Crown

There's a ton of protective styles you can do on your own hair - we previously mentioned Mini Twists! Another simple style that's easy to create and allows you to protect your hair's ends from the frigid Fall weather and damaging Fall sweaters... is The Halo Twist Hairstyle! Halo Twists and Halo Braids are great protective styles that look elegant and chic, while remaining low maintenance for busy naturals short on time! This style can be done at night to keep your ends protected as you sleep, 😴  or created in the morning before you start your day! ☀️ What’s also great about this style is that it can be preserved throughout the week without much fuss!

Video: Unsure of how to do this style? Watch Naptural85 slay this Asymmetrical Twisted Crown! 👑 

Changing weather doesn't have to wreak havoc on your natural hair this Fall! Being proactive with a Protective Styling Game Plan will allow your hair to flourish through frigid temps, and can give you some time back in your morning routine! Regardless of which style you choose, be sure to nourish beforehand and throughout, using The Award-Winning Melanin Haircare Signature Collection for soft, healthy tresses - available at Melanin!

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